What kind of release information can you give me?

Friday the 13th: The Game will launch on 5/26/17 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can pre-order the game as either a digital download or a physical disc.


Does the game have single player?

The game will include single player, however it will come as an update in Summer 2017. We originally started as a multiplayer only game but were able to secure additional funding to expand the game.  Single player will consist of objective-based missions where you take control of Jason. You’ll get to see missions that will remind you of the movies, as well as entirely new scenarios to sink your machete into!

We will also include offline counselor bots that you’ll be able to fight against without needing an online connection!


So what is the price?

The digital version of the game is $40USD while the physical edition is $60USD. You will get the multiplayer portion of the game in early 2017 with the single player portion being patched in during the summer of 2017.


Are there any differences between physical and digital?

No, the cost disparity is simply our team trying to pass on savings to our fans as it costs less to email a game download key rather than create, package and ship a physical item.


Where can I play the game?

We plan on launching wherever Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devices are sold. Those with access to Steam will be able to buy the game on that platform and play as well.


What will the rating of the game be?

We fully anticipate being an M Rating for the ESRB and PEGI 18 with equivalent ratings in respective countries that do not utilize either rating system.


Will I need an internet connection to play?

Until single player launches, you will need online services to play Friday the 13th: The Game. Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus and Steam are all required to play the game. This will change when single player goes live; an internet connection will not be necessary after downloading the single player update.


Will the game be cross-platform?

We hope to make this cross-platform between all three launch platforms, however there are quite a few logistical issue to solve before we can confirm. Some of which are out of our control.


How is the beta going to work?

The beta already occurred and ended on Dec. 25th, 2016. It was an immense help from our community and feedback from the beta has already been implemented into development changes for the game! We have no plans for a further beta at this time.


Which Jason costumes are in the game?

Jason from Part 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will all make an appearance. We also have an entirely new design coming from SFX-legend Tom Savini that can be pre-ordered on our site! We can’t do Jason from Freddy vs Jason due to licensing restraints.


What kind of plans do you have for DLC?

Our team is making this game as a passion project and we fully hope to expand the game after launch. We haven’t announced specific plans as of yet, but we hope to make this the end-all-be-all of Friday the 13th games!


I’ve seen a ‘Virtual Cabin, ’ for sale, what is that?

Friday the 13th is an incredibly large franchise that has spanned over 12 movies since 1980. The Virtual Cabin has been designed as a museum to the killer and camp that we’ve all grown to love. It is a stand-alone interactive dev-diary/museum to Friday the 13th that you can explore, check out new information from the team and get a glimpse of what we’re all working on to bring this game to life!


I’m interested in the collector’s edition, what all comes with it?

The collector’s edition will include a special steel-case as well as a special art slipcover. However, it will not include anything else as we are offering an a la carte ordering system. The price, we understand is rather high, but we wanted to offer something for diehard fans of the franchise. We do not get the major discounts that other publishers get as we are a small team making very limited orders. Hope you support with our very limited edition cases!


I want to pre-order on Xbox Live, Steam, PlayStation Network or a retailer like GameStop or Best Buy. When can I do that?

Right now, the only place to pre-order is through our site. However, we intend to offer the game for pre-order on Xbox Live, Steam and PSN. We also intend to be at physical retail locations as well. More news on that coming soon!


Will you launch for Mac?

We’re pretty confident the game will be playable on Mac, however we have not 100% confirmed that just yet.


I see a lot of stretch goals, are you going to add them in?

We officially ended our funding campaign on July 8th, 2016. Now that we’ve confirmed single player and the inclusion of Tommy Jarvis as a playable character, we hope to add more and more content. However, nothing solid in terms of plans just yet, but we’ll discuss more later!


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