Update Status

First Look: Engine Update

XP, CP, & Tape Event

Happy Friday the 13th Campers

Introducing Victoria

New Counselor

Offline Bot AI Improvements

More realistic AI

Welcome to the Salt Mines

Earning salt is easy

Part 7 Jason Adjustments

J7 power up

Jason Selection Update

Improved the selection process

Roy's Coveralls

Spruce green edition

Perks Update

System Update & Legendaries

Grab Animation Update

Jason gets scarier

Jason Weapon Swapping & Keybinding

Machetes for all!

First Look: Single Player Challenges

Buggzy gets caught off guard ;)

Dedicated Servers Update

Updating The Engine

Paranoia Update

Current Status and Path Ahead

Counselor Safety Briefing

Pocket knives, Med Sprays, and More

Jason Part 5 (Roy)

Official Stats

Upcoming Jason Balance Changes

Jason gets an upgrade

Virtual Cabin 2.0!

On All platforms, for free!

Welcome Back, Shelly!

Shelly Finkelstein is the next new counselor, for free!

Perk Event for the Holidays!

Double XP, Better Perk Drop Chance, etc..