Shack Notes Update - Sept 7th

Hey everyone!

We want to try and give regular updates on what’s going on here at IllFonic and what we are currently working on, things get busy so we can’t promise these every week but will do our best. Welcome to the first Shack Notes!

Right now we do not have dates for patches yet…just Soon™


  • Perk Fixes (Fixed Internally)
    1. We have internal fixes for Grease Monkey, Heavy Hitter, Man at Arms, and Tinker. QA has verified them and they should be in the next patch.
    2. If people find issues with any other Perks let us know at
  • PhD for Murder (In Verification)
    1. We have a fix for XB1 and Steam not working; QA is verifying on both platforms but it’s going to take a little bit before we know for sure if its fixed or not.
  • Pocket Knife Fixes (Fixed Internally)
    1. Additional fixes for the spam kill exploit.
  • Stun Locking Jason (Fixed Internally)
    1. We found an issue where the Stun Timer was being doubled…oops, it is fixed internally and will be rolled out with the next patch.
  • Jason Stun Animation (Fixed Internally)
    1. We found an issue where after Jason was stunned but hit again it was breaking the Stun Animation/Pose making it appear Jason was no longer stunned when he actually was.
  • Grand Slam Jason (Fixed Internally)
    1. We fixed a number of issues where Counselors could knock Jason across the map…it may still happen occasionally but it should not happen as often anymore.
  • Male Counselor Voices (In Verification)
    1. Fixed an issue where male counselors were using the same sound files…we checked it in late last night so we need QA to verify it is working now.
  • Misc Audio (In Verification)
    1. Fixed an issue where certain audio was being heard across the map
  • Windows and Doors (In Verification)
    1. This will be a little longer…
    2. We found an issue where Jason was only inflicting damage to the first object he hit…this was causing Door Breaking and Window Breaking to happen inconsistently as Jason would more often than not hit the Cabin before hitting the Door or Window.
    3. This was also causing a number of other issues; Counselors not being hit when they should have been, objects not being hit when they should have been, Counselors not breaking counselors out of a choke, etc.
    4. This was also having an unintended side effect of allowing counselors to gang up on Jason knowing he could only hit one counselor…he can now cause damage to multiple counselors at once…beware
  • Performance (In Progress)
    1. This is a big one that we are currently trying to track down. No info yet…