We’re happy to announce the inclusion of a fan-favorite from Friday the 13th! Yet another movie-alum; Fox, is coming to Friday the 13th: The Game! She is the second character to be included and will come with this latest update. Many of you might remember her from Friday the 13th: Part III, in which she becomes the 12th victim to fall to Jason. Her death inside the barn of Higgins Haven was a result of Jason grabbing her and impaling her on a rafter with his famous pitchfork.

Fox will be a strong character with a mechanical background; she’s good with repair and knows how to handle herself. She’ll be a great character for those looking to brute force their way through Jason’s wrath while still having the finesse to repair cars and boats!

Note; Fox, like Mitch, will not have access to additional outfits from premium DLC packs (Spring Break, Costume Party Pack). She is being added for FREE to all versions of the game.

Stats are as follows;

  • Composure: 6/10
  • Luck: 3/10
  • Repair: 6/10
  • Speed: 4/10
  • Stamina: 5/10
  • Stealth: 4/10
  • Strength: 7/10

Screenshot_64.jpg Screenshot_65.jpg