Patch Notes

Jason Part 5 and Pinehurst

Jason Part 5 and the Pinehurst map are both now available for both Multiplayer and Offline Bots!

Part 5 has no level requirement and has access to the following grab kills:

  • Hedge Trimmer

  • Last Breath

  • You’re so Vein


Jason Part 5 and Pinehurst




New Unlockable Grab Kill

The grab kill Rugby Player is now available! The requirements to unlock Rugby Player are:

  • Level: 108
  • Cost: 2500 CP


Sheldon Stats


Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Reduced the amount of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match

  • Adjusted the amount of available spawns per match for each weapon

  • Addressed several issues that were causing players to become interaction locked

  • Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to disappear when disarmed by a counselor

  • Fixed a bug related to the “The Final Chapter” achievement that was causing players to crash


  • Jason will now begin each match equipped with 2 additional throwing knives

  • Jason’s movement speed has been slightly increased

  • Jason’s grab range and cone has been slightly increased

  • Players can once again access the medium bloody skin for Savini Jason

    • Note: The unlockable Light/Heavy bloody skins are not available for Savini Jason
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Jason’s character model to rotate while knocked down

  • The grab kills “Free Kick” and “Disarm” will now properly grant Versatile experience


  • Fixed a bug where - if a player interacted with a window in a certain way, the window would break and incorrectly cause damage to the player

  • Fixed inconsistencies that were appearing in several counselor models


  • The Fuse will no longer be able to spawn in the same building as the Phone Box

  • Addressed several exploit locations on all maps

  • Made adjustments to several locations that were causing the objectives/repair parts spawns to be inaccessible


  • Fixed several bugs related to the boat flipping mechanic

Offline Play

  • Made many improvements and bug fixes to the bot AI in Offline Bots

  • Restart function added to the pause menu in Offline Bots

  • Fixed a bug causing the end score screen to incorrectly show badge progression in Offline Bots

    • Note: Badges can not be obtained through Offline Bots


  • Added servers for South America and Australia [PC]

  • Added region auto-detection [PC]


  • Players should once again be able to hear the sound of weapons and items being dropped
  • The grab kill “Free Kick” will now properly take into account the user’s audio settings



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